Condair DC-LT low temperature condensing dehumidifier

The Condair DC-LT dehumidifier is effective at temperatures as low as 10°C. Regular condensing dehumidifiers are effective at temperature at above 15°C.

This range of dehumidifiers offers capacities from 260 to 940 litres per day and air flows from 3,500 to 8,500m³/h.

The housing is galvanised metal with a powder coated enamel as standard and available in stainless steel as an option.

Operation is controlled via its on-board digital display, an optional remotely located controller up to 50m away or via a BMS (Modbus).

The Condair DC dehumidifiers use energy efficient EC fans with a three speed selection.

Features and benefits

  • Ideal for drying to around 50%RH at temperatures as low as 10°C
  • Can deliver dry air directly to a room or into an air handling unit
  • Only high quality branded components used in refrigerant circuit
  • Hot gas defrost and energy efficient fans as standard

Effectively drys air even at 10°C

The Condair DC-LT condensing dehumidifier is effective at tempertures as low as 10°C.

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